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Archive for July 2009

Missive Maven

The Missive Maven is one of my favorite blogs on letter writing. She sends and receives the coolest mail and she includes photos that show you her fun cool mail. And, I’ve found that if you send her something, she will most likely post about it and send something back to you! How cool is…

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More Survey Results for Letters & Journals

The results from the Journal portion of the survey show a propensity for voyeurism as many people responded that they would like to see articles on how other people journal. I confess that I’m fascinated with that too. Here are some of the highlights of the Journal Survey: 75.6% would like to see new/different ways…

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Some Survey Results for Letters & Journals

I’ve been watching the surveys come in for the letter writing and journal writing surveys that I’ve been conducting. I’m trying to gather additional information of what types of articles people want to see in the Letters & Journals magazine. I’ve gotten some great feedback and am taking copious notes for future articles and potential…

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Letters & Journals Magazine Update

The Letters & Journals magazine is starting to take shape. Kathy at Daisy Mae Design has been busy creating the magazine flag. After 3 weeks of submissions and tweaking, we believe we have found the design of the flag, mistakenly, but commonly, called the masthead. Next is cover and feature design. Can you feel the…

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Pens & Notebooks

I love the internet! How else can a person so easily find others who share their same interest? I love pens and notebooks. The feel of a generously inked fine point pen over smooth paper…heaven. Pictured here is a stack of my current notebook/day planner stash. And here are some blogs I’ve recently discovered who…

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Letter Writing in the News

SunnygramThere is a new service that will print your emails and send them to your parents, grandparents or whomever you would for a fee of $9.95/month. The service is called Sunnygram and this article was recently featured in Time magazine. Sunnygram is trying to bridge the gap between those who only want to communicate in…

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