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Archive for June 2009

New Blogs

This week I’ve discovered some new blogs that talk about the things that I love to read about, such as a new stationery store, keeping a journal or finding the perfect pen. Sara has a journal blog which she calls the Miscellaneous Ramblings of a Twenty-something DIYer. She has a lot of graphics, drawings and…

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Magazine Update

Daisy Mae Design has been busy! I started reviewing potential flags (logo/branding) of the magazine this week. It’s very exciting trying to bring together what’s in my mind- as I envision this book like quarterly magazine- with the reality of what’s available outside of my mind. I also want to find the balance between current…

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Internet Brings Letter Writers Together

People say that email has killed letter writing, but the fact is that people still write letters. Not everybody writes letters, but they didn’t before either. When television came into our homes they said it would the end of radio, but it wasn’t. To survive each medium must find a new way to invent itself.…

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I Love Mail!

I love getting mail! I love reading about how a letter can make a change in the world. I love sending mail. I love postcards. I love the nostalgic idea of sitting at a desk and writing a letter. I love mail art. I love reading about mail. I love touching other lives through thoughtful…

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