15 Years at Postcrossing

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I received an email from Postcrossing.com celebrating my 15th anniversary with the postcard mailing website. How time does fly! To date I’ve sent 373 cards.

photo of large bulletin board covered in mail

This oversized bulletin board is approximately 3 1/2′ long and 2 2/3′ tall.

I’ve saved most of my received cards in a large photo box and have them sorted between US and World. My favorites I put on a large bulletin board or in one of my three postcard photo albums. The photo albums allow both front and back view because sometimes my favorite part of the postcard is the written part.

postcard back with stamps from China

I especially like when they use fun stamps, doodles, stickers, or creative writing to write my name and address. I’m usually reluctant to remove postage stamps off postcards as I don’t want to damage the cards.

When I travel I usually send myself postcards from the place I’m visiting. Then I save these in my travel scrapbook or photo book documenting my trip.

Postcards are so much fun!

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  1. Hester on September 11, 2020 at 9:34 pm

    Hello Jackie

    15 years is worth celebrating for any event Congratulations on Post Crossing Which albums do you use for the postcards?

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