100 Mile Garage Sale Photos

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I first mentioned the 100-mile Garage Sale back in April when I made plans to spend two days along the Mississippi visiting the area and checking out some of the hundreds of sales in the towns between Red Wing and Wabasha. Although I didn’t find any special ephemera, office or writing supplies, I did experience some gorgeous scenery and perfect spring weather on my journey. So this blog post is filled with photos of the area rather than the books, cds and small fully furnished fish aquarium that I purchased.

I walked along this lovely walking path next to the mighty Mississippi in Wabasha where I spent the night at a nearby hotel. This area is a mecca for eagles, but, alas, I did not see any on this trip.

Continuing down the path is one of the bridges that cross the Mississippi and take you into Wisconsin (MN on the left and WI on the right).

This unique bench sits outside of the National Eagle Center in Wabasha, MN.

The photo below shows the steps and large stones that greet you at the National Eagle Center.

Southern Minnesota has seen its share of flooding this spring. By the time I took these photos much of the water had receded, but not quite.

Water blocks the way to this lakeside dock.

This lonely bench sits outside the nearby park which also was partially filled with water.

The photo below was taken at a rest area outside between Wabasha and Lake City.

Moving onto Lake City where I spent a lot of time on Saturday, I visited this library which was taking advantage of the 100-mile garage sale by having its annual book sale. People who know me, know that it’s almost impossible for me to walk by a book sale.

I had a breakfast lunch (excellent) at the Chicadee Cottage Cafe in Lake City. The bright yellow building with the white picket fence sits along Hwy 61 and is one of the most inviting places I visited.

 Here is a picture of the cafe entrance where you can just see the 4 season porch on the left where I sat and at my breakfast with a few other travelers.

Initially I had hoped to take photos and talk about the finds I made on this annual trek (my first), but there was really nothing extraordinary or worth noting, so I will have to plan that for another time.
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