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Letters & Journals is your guide to expanding your life through writing; connecting with others by sending and receiving mail; journal keeping to discover more about yourself; doing more of what you love by creating the space for the spark of creativity to ignite and light up the path to intentional living by writing, doing, sharing.

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The Envelope Project #1

I have so many saved envelopes of mail I’ve received and have been wondering the best way to utilize them. Many of them have a fun and creative design while some are more basic and functional rather than creative. That’s OK. They will all have a new purpose somehow, some way. Sometimes I cut out…
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What to do at Home?

Some people have no problem keeping busy. Others are desperate for some new things to do. Most people fall in between the two extremes. With people spending more time at home, finding ways to spend that time can be a challenge. Here are some of my ideas: Write poems, stories, a book, wishes, dreams, letters,…
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Help for Times Like These

Worldwide unrest is causing fear and angst in many of us. In these unprecedented times, we are all affected and we are all concerned. We may feel lost, helpless, hopeless, afraid. The stress and uncertainty affects all areas of our lives- health, finances, relationships, spirituality, education, creative expression, disruption to routines, disruption to services, disruption…
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