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Letters & Journals is your guide to expanding your life through writing; connecting with others by sending and receiving mail; journal keeping to discover more about yourself; doing more of what you love by creating the space for the spark of creativity to ignite and light up the path to intentional living by writing, doing, sharing.

Letters & Postcards tied with string

Preparing for InCoWriMo 2019

Get out your best stationery and favorite pens! It’s almost time  for the annual International Correspondence Writer’s Month (InCoWriMo) this February! The official site provides names and addresses of hundreds of participants, possibly 1,500,which is their estimate of the number of participants. Or you can create your own list of people to contact such as…
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Letters & Journals magazine will focus on:

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  • Journal Writing
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  • Mail
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  • Ephemera
  • Journal Types
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  • Stationery Stores Listing
  • Connecting through writing
  • Letters in books and history
  • Desks and other writing areas
  • Creative uses of all things paper